Keen Marine specialises in observing and parameterising the environment.  Keen Marine can scope, plan, execute and/or manage an observational systems to address specific questions about the environment whether these are scientific or operational in nature. Keen Marine is based on the work of its founder, Peter Keen, but has the ability to leverage a wide range of expertise from an extended network of contacts depending on your project requirements.

Keen Marine believes in a full life cycle approach to environmental characterisation, and that might begin with helping you scope and write your proposal, by managing the project, reporting, field work, logistics, system decommissioning and data analysis.

I prefer to build close working relationships with my clients and identify desired outcomes early in the project, this not only gives us a set of key performance indicators to gauge progress but allows us to focus on deriving solutions that actually address your needs.

Project outputs can be provided to you in any form you require from raw data tailored to your own QA systems or as fully worked up data and a report complete with assessments of data quality.